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About us

Avicennia is a local Costa Rican firm dedicated to integrated project management, environmental engineering, design and development consulting.

The firm integrates a multidisciplinary team of professionals into a collaborative platform of expertise. Founded in 2005, Avicennia has since directed hundreds of environmental impact assessment procedures as well as incorporated pre-construction and construction project management into our primary focus of services.

Thus our current services include complete project management and owners representation, site analysis, environmental permitting and master planning as well as green infrastructure design . Our experience ranges from hospitality, residential and commercial developments, to coastal dynamics and engineering, as well as large scale agricultural and renewable energy projects, amongst others. Our integrated practice allows us to attend clients necessities from specific “á la carte” services to complete project management and administration.

MSc. Daniel Loria Sims

Founder & Director
Senior Environmental Consultant

Founder and director at Avicennia Consulting since 2005.

Daniel finished his undergraduate degree in Ecology and Sustainable Development in 2002 to later obtain his Master Degree in Environmental Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.

Since starting his career as a consultant, founding Avicennia in 2005, he has coordinated and approved hundreds of environmental impact assessment procedures in a wide variety of activities:

  • large scale renewable energy
  • aerodromes with extended facilities
  • coastal marine infrastructure projects and marinas
  • agriculture production
  • vertical and horizontal residential
  • commercial and hospitality projects.

His expertise and skill set include knowledge in local development, design and permitting, ISO 14000 environmental management certifications, local and global sustainable construction certifications, site analysis and master planning, due diligence investigations, construction overview and supervision, project management, biological, forestry, hydrological, geological surveys and analysis amongst other areas of expertise related to environmental engineering.

Having a strong focus on team leadership, coordination and management he has consolidated a reliable group of interdisciplinary professional, providing an integrated service adapted to the complex conditions for development, design, research and evaluation in Costa Rica.

Core Team
Mariano Vásquez Mayorga

Civil and Construction Engineer, Project Manager

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Civil Engineer from Universidad de Costa Rica, specialized in construction execution and project management.

Incorporated to the Federated College of Engineers and Architects, with formation on administrative contracting, appraisals, inspections, monitoring and control of construction works.

For 5 years he has been participating on residential, institutional, commercial and hospitality projects construction projects, from engineering assistant to project manager.


Project Manager, Natural Resources Manager, Civil Engineer

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Bachelor in Natural Resources Management from Universidad de Costa Rica. Incorporated to the College of Biologists of Costa Rica and environmental consultant to SETENA.

Environmental consultant with more than 5 years of experience in coordinating projects of environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Studies, Management Plans and Environmental Regencies of construction projects. Certified by INTECO for Carbon Neutral processes INTE / ISO 14064: 2006 and Internal Audit for INTE 12-01-06: 2016. Current student in Civil Engineering and in thesis process in Management and Environmental Audit Master with a specialty in recovery of contaminated soils and marine science and technology.

Luis Acuña Cubillo

Civil and Construction Engineer, Project Manager

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Civil Engineer from Universidad de Costa Rica. Graduated in the specialties of environmental and structural construction.

Incorporated to the Federated College of Engineers and Architects and registered with SETENA as an environmental consultant. Experience in the supervision of construction work, inspection, construction management, budgets, progress control and project costs. Training in hydrology and hydraulic design, wastewater and solid waste management, budgeting, architectural design and structural design. He has participated in construction projects of more than 10,000 m2 of residential and commercial type.

Andrea Méndez Valverde

Architect, Urban Planner, Project Manager

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Architect of the School of Architecture and Urbanism of Tecnológico de Costa Rica.

She has worked in the field of production, community management and urban project management for climate change adaptation and mitigation.She counts with training in the field of political participation and human rights from Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales and is part of the Cantonal Carbon Neutrality Commission of Montes de Oca’s municipality. She is certified as a climate change activist by the Climate Reality Project of former Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize Al Gore. She also has extensive experience in prison infrastructures and independently organizes humanitarian projects in favor of vulnerable populations.

Marco Araya Oviedo

Geologist, Hydrogeologist

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Geologist of Universidad de Costa Rica and Master in Hydrogeology and Water Resources Management. Incorporated to the College of Geologists of Costa Rica and registered with SETENA as an environmental consultant.

He counts with training in groundwater contamination, techniques for remediation of contaminated areas, drilling of wells for drinking water, modeling of contamination plumes in aquifers, pumping and infiltration tests, and x-ray refraction in rock and soil samples. Experience in soil sampling, geotechnical and geophysical tests, inspections and drilling execution, as well as work coordination and GIS management. He has participated in geological and hydrogeological studies at Universidad de Costa Rica and Centro de Investigaciones de Ciencias Geológicas, as well as seismological studies in the Red Sismológica Nacional. He has experience as an environmental project consultant, protocols for SETENA, hydrogeological studies for SENARA and technical studies for AyA and MINAE.

Aurelia Rodríguez Acuña

Architect, Urban Planner, Project Manager

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Architect of the School of Architecture and Urbanism of Tecnológico de Costa Rica.Incorporated to the Federated College of Engineers and Architects.

She counts with training in urban and architectural design, always with a bioclimatic and accessibility approach.Her experience ranges from urban design to interior design, in residential, commercial and office projects.She has also worked in coordination tasks between designers, engineers, suppliers and construction teams. She has participated in BIDworkshops and competitions with an emphasis on urban regeneration in Costa Rica and Argentina. She has experience in illustration and graphic design in independentprojects.

Roberto S.
Roberto S.

Civil Engineer

With a master’s degree from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands in Coastal and Maritime Engineering, as well as extensive experience in hydrology and hydraulics. Specialization in numerical modeling and coastal maritime analysis, with emphasis on maritime work design. Involvement and experience in projects of all sizes, from coastal protections and hydraulic works for private residences, to execution and inspection of port works such as the Limón TCM.

Gustavo R.
Gustavo R.

Marine Biologist

Graduated from the National University, where he started as an assistant of the Laboratory of Ichthyology and currently serves as Assistant of the Laboratory of Fisheries Biological Analysis, work done jointly with fishermen from the Gulf of Nicoya in projects that seek to promote responsible fishing. He has worked for NGOs in processes of monitoring, implementation and coordination of responsible markets related to seafood value chains. He participated in the On-Board Observer Pilot Plan for Longline Vessels for the Organization of the Isthmus Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector and the Costa Rican Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture. He has collaborated in Environmental Impact Studies and Technical Studies in projects for Private and Public companies; In addition, he works as a professor for the Biology career with an emphasis on Ecology and Sustainable Development at the Universidad Latina.

Gustavo G.
Gustavo G.


Degree in Anthropology with Emphasis in Archeology from the University of Costa Rica. Consultant archaeologist with active registration in the National Environmental Technical Secretariat. Archaeologist enrolled in the National Archaeological Commission. More than 10 years of experience conducting systematic surveys, controlled excavations under the modality of evaluation and archaeological rescue. Extensive experience developing rapid archaeological inspection protocols for the public sector (AyA, MEP, RECOPE, SENARA, ICE, MNCR) and private. Personnel management in field excavations, development of protocols for the analysis and processing of assets of heritage value. Competencies to develop and implement scientific dissemination programs.

Javier C.
Javier C.

Conservation Biologist

He has a Master’s Degree in Wildlife Conservation and Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with an emphasis on Natural Resources Management from the National University, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences with an emphasis on Ecology and Sustainable Development from the Latin University of Costa Rica. He has extensive experience in design, implementation and coordination of conservation projects, serving as a consultant for several national and international organizations in Central America on issues of biodiversity monitoring, protected wild areas, biological corridors, management of land and coastal-marine resources, management of wildlife (in situ and exsitu), environmental management and environmental impact assessments on wildlife (terrestrial, flying and freshwater). He has conducted ecological research primarily with terrestrial mammals (especially felines and their prey), primates, marine and freshwater turtles, and coastal wetlands (mangroves).

Danilo T.
Danilo T.

Forestal engineer

Bachelor of Forestry Engineering, graduated from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica, where he is currently a professor and researcher. Forest consultant in different private companies; carrying out forest inventories to determine and quantify carbon dioxide stocks for carbon neutrality and forest regencies in matters of forest management and exploitation (forest inventories, certificates of origin, procedures for tree cutting permits before SINAC, others) and payment for environmental services before FONAFIFO. Associate consultant to the Center’s Climate Change and Watershed Program Tropical Agronomic Research and Education (CATIE), where he has done floristic and carbon dioxide capture inventories in the mangroves of the Wetland National Térraba-Sierpe and Gulf of Nicoya in Costa Rica, Jiquilisco Bay and Estero Jaltepeque in El Salvador, which has generated co-author of different publications.

Raquel L.
Raquel L.

Engineer in Occupational Health and Environment

Incorporated to the Medical Association of Costa Rica.
He has more than 14 years of experience in supervision of construction, industrial, manufacturing, offices in Occupational Health, Industrial Safety, Environmental Management and Environmental Regencies with SETENA and Project Management, Contractor Management. Knowledge in National and International Legislation, Accounting, Payroll and HR. Certified by INTECO for Carbon Neutral processes and for BASC Audits, 18000 and 9001.

Manuel C.
Manuel C.

Anthropologist and archaeologist

He has a degree in anthropology with an emphasis on archeology from the University of Costa Rica, as well as a bachelor’s degree in social anthropology from the University of Costa Rica. He has experience in areas of research, management, restoration, conservation, teaching, feasibility, evaluation of the archaeological resource, cultural field and communities. He has participated in the research projects of the Nuevo Corinto, Guayabo de Turrialba, such as Chagüite, among others; in addition to the restoration of the Guayabo de Turrialba site.

Multidisciplinary Team

The professional team that makes up Avicennia includes a variety of academic backgrounds that direct and complement professional services offered. With more than 15 years of experience we have several alliances and strategic affiliations which allows us to have a diverse group of professionals with high experience that include: hydrogeologists, civil engineers, coastal marine engineers, marine biologists, archaeologists, social anthropologists, economists, lawyers, forestry engineers, graduates in natural resources as well as an administrative management with a lot of experience with the various institutions and procedures associated with the environmental impact assessment in Costa Rica.