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Sustainable Certifications

Environmental Certifications enables you to demonstrate your commitment to the environment and compliance with existing regulations. Externally, it opens up new business opportunities with environmentally aware customers. Internally, it improves employee ethics and helps to make better use of energy and resources, reducing costs over time.


The Sustainable Tourism Certification (STC) is a program empowered by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), design to categorize and classify tourism industries according to the degree in which their operation is near a sustainable model. This certification seeks to recognize hotels and tourism agencies that use a sustainable model of natural, cultural and social resources management.This certification is recognize worldwide and allows to offer a tourist product that is different due to its sustainable connotation, and by promoting the efficiency and savings in the use of the resources of the company, it appears as an excellent tool for marketing the sustainable development of the country Avicennia has a team of profesionals in different fields such as Science, Environmental Management, Environmental Engineer, Tourism and Law. Considering sustainable tourism as an integral concept, that includes environmental, social and economic dimensions, Avicennia formulates and provides to your company a sustainable strategy and the assistance needed to comply with the requirements of the (STC), to the international market and it’s needs.Working together with its clients, with the goal of involving all the employees of the company in this process, continuity and improvement through time, Avicennia will implement all the actions needed to guarantee the certification of your business. Some of these actions are as follows: Elaboration of sustainable management plans for water and solid wastes. Recommendation and design of technologies use to save water and energy. Design of a tourist product that responds properly to the international market and the specific characteristics of the country and the local communities where it is going to be implemented. Propose solutions that invite the client to participate in the implementation of sustainable policies in the company. Propose activities so that the company can respond to the growth and development of the region. Workshops and conferences in sustainable development, sustainable tourism, sustainable tourism practices, sustainable use of the natural resources, etc.


Green or Sustainability Certifications are a means to standardize the design and construction market and develop an sustainable approach to resource and material use, energy efficiency strategies, indoor quality standards as well as some design concepts like bioclimatic and passive solutions. In the present there are many certifications which include BREEAM in the UK, LEED & Green Globes in the US and Canada, CONAVI in Mexico, LIDERA in Portugal, HQUE in France amongst many others. In Costa Rica, the Sustainability Committee of the CFIA is currently developing a green standards certification. Avicennia can provide the know how for several of the main issues regarding a sustainable design including site selection, water and other resource management, energy efficiency, wastewater management, solid waste management, carbon footprint amongst other parameters.