Redes Sociales

Site Analysis

Each site is unique and has many complex elements such as: variable topography, water courses, trees, plants, habitats, weather patterns, aquifer areas. Everything that influences the decision of acquisition of the property, design process and evaluation of environmental impact. 

Integrated Topography: Detailed survey of the relevant characteristics of the land.

Forest Inventories: Coverage analysis, species distribution and ecological characterization.

Hydrological and Hydraulic Analysis: Delimitation of watersheds, analysis of maximum flows, return periods.

Environmental Fragility Index: Qualitative assessment of the degree of environmental fragility based on land use. 

Hydrogeological Analysis: Analyzes the hydrogeological characteristics of the physical environment affected by a possible discharge of wastewater, a construction, well drilling, water catchment, etc.

Setbacks and Protection Areas Analysis: Determination of water and forest resource protection characteristics of a property.